Web Design

In today’s connected era, your website is the first stop for anyone interested in your business. It’s essential that your site grabs a visitor’s attention and doesn’t let go.

Our UX and UI specialists don’t just create websites, they provide an effective user experience. We design fast-loading, responsive websites tailored to your business needs. We are web design company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Web Designer Johannesburg
What we do


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an advertising model that gets the right ad to the right person at the right time.

PPC uses different search engines and platforms to market your offerings to a specific audience – from Google Search Ads to YouTube TrueView ads, the possibilities are endless. PPC advertising is a unique way to grow your customer base and generate sales.



SEO gets your website discovered online. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your business’ online presence for search engines.

Our SEO experts and consultants create search marketing campaigns that use solid, proven optimisation strategies with both users and search engines in mind. We play the long game – with the goal of getting your company’s website ranking on the first page of the search results and getting the right target audience to your website. Good visibility, content and branding will provide credibility and brings your business targeted traffic.

What we do
Social Media Marketing Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new word of mouth. The right messages, communicated in the right way will connect your audience to your brand and its personality.

We offer Social media marketing services, we create, curate and conceptualise content across multiple platforms, helping you build the foundation for authentic connections with your customers.


Branding Services

Life is about branding. The cereal you ate for breakfast, the shirt you’re wearing, the car you drove to work, your mobile phone… These products were all more than just rational decisions, they were influenced by your brand awareness.

Our skilled designers, writers and strategists will work collaboratively to bring your brand to life and help you define its purpose and place in the market.

Social Media Management Johannesburg

Social Media Management

Managing your business’s social media presence can be extremely time consuming and frustrating to the uninitiated; the Social Media Managers at C Donalds Technologies not only monitor and update your social media channels, but also develop an understanding of your unique objectives and goals.

The content we post is catered towards your unique company voice, and is aimed at driving engagement with new and existing customers.

Email Marketing Johannesburg

Email Marketing

Email was the first content marketing tool and it’s just as relevant today. Effective email marketing is the happy marriage between compelling content and database-driven marketing.

Offering a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, we will help your business communicate directly with your clients by crafting personalised messages that will form part of a wider content marketing strategy. Try our email marketing services today.

Content Marketing Johannesburg

Content Marketing

There’s no better way to tell your company story than by actually telling a story.

In addition to our digital skillset, our content marketing experts are adept at generating longer-format content for your brand. In today’s world of short attention spans, any branded content must engage your audience from the get go.


Reach Thousands Of Visitors

Great value for money when compared with other forms of advertising. Our prices are realistic, and well within reach of most small business owners.


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